Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Geography of Secrets by Frederick Reuss - Review

Have you ever read a book that gives you the GPS coordinates at the beginning of each chapter? Well, I haven't until now.  It is really neat plugging the numbers into Google Earth and seeing the places discussed in the novel.

The narrator, never named, goes home to his father's funeral in Switzerland.  He's not seen his father in many years, but enjoys talking to the neighbors and friends his father made after his retirement.  The cartographer, the narrator, was the son of a career diplomat and spent his childhood moving from one country to another. 

Noel Leonard works for the Defense Intelligence Analysis Center and has spent his career keeping secrets.  But when he learns that an error that happened in his office contributed to a school bombing in Afghanistan, he decides he may need to change his life.

A Geography of Secrets is beautifully written and very easy to follow.  The dark secrets of the men is exposed in a fashion to keep the reader turning the pages.  The characters are complex, yet likable.  Mr. Reuss has penned a stunning and masterful novel.  Highly recommend for those that love to read about different places and deep and dark secrets.

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