Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Fine Cowboy by Joanne Kennedy

I love western romances! I don't know if it is because of the rugged living or if it's the cowboys.....probably the cowboys lol

Charlie Banks, New Jersey grad student and avid PETA member, heads to the desolate plains of Wyoming to research horse whispering.  But when she arrives on the supposedly lavish dude ranch, the brochure pictures looks nothing like the reality, she is stuck.  Her car breaks down almost there and it will take a week for it to be fixed. The only person on the ranch is Nate Shawcross, a rangy cowboy without alot of words.

Nate's not surprised that his ex-girlfriend Sandi concocted the idea, but Sandi's recently left for greener pastures.  To boot, she's cleaned out all of his bank accounts.  He is flat broke and doesn't see how he is going to feed him and Charlie, let alone any other students who may be on their way to the ranch.

Charlie has a plan.  Finish school, then get a good job.  Falling in love with Nate is not in the plans.  Nate wants Charlie to stay but isn't sure how to tell her.  But then Sandi comes back, and convinces Nate he'll have to sell the ranch if he wants to keep their daughter Sam.  And along the way, Charlie helps Nate with the animals and keeping "house" for all of the other guests that showed up. 

Charlie knows Nate is not in the plan, but can she work it out? Nate wants Charlie, but he'll give her up if it costs him his daughter.  These two will have to do some fancy whispering of their own if they want a future together.

One of my favorite parts was when an older student put her bags in the front of the bed of the truck, just so she could watch Nate's denim clad butt wiggle and squirm to get it.  Charlie and Nate have a tender, yet spicy romantic relationship, and it was a delight to watch them together.  Joanne Kennedy writes a darn good romance, and I will be looking for her next novel.

Joanne Kennedy will be here on Thursday, September 16th! Come chat and maybe you'll also be able to enter to win a copy of One Fine Cowboy for yourself.

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