Monday, March 14, 2011

Secrets and Shadows by Shannon Delany

SECRETS AND SHADOWS picks up right where the first in the series, 13 TO LIFE, left off. Jessie is still working with the Rusakova family to find and release their mother from a CIA lab. She may know that the family is wolfs but she is still learning about them.

The CIA is constantly scoping out the woods and watching the Rusakova's and Jessie. They want to capture the family so they can learn more about their species. They would make great soldiers. They watch Jessie because she is so close to the family, she may lead them to them.
Jessie is also upset that her boyfriend, Pietr, is being distant with her. He is trying not to get too close because of Jessie's close calls with death. Pietr has been masquerading as Sarah's boyfriend, at Jessie's urging. Now, Jessie is realizing that she doesn't want Sarah so close to Pietr and urges him to break it off. Sarah accidently killed Jessie's mother in an auto accident and was so traumatized afteward, that Jessie felt sorry for her and let her have her boyfriend.

Then there is the rise of teen deaths in the area, and you add that to everything else currently happening, the town doesn't seem so bright and shiny. There are SECRETS AND SHADOWS everywhere, and Jessie and her wolf friends will have to gather their wits about them to keep alive and uncaptured.

SECRETS AND SHADOWS is a great addition to the series. The characters are more developed and mature as the plot thickens. They make choices that propel the story forward, which will lead into the new book in the series, BARGAINS AND BETRAYALS. A lot of action, shape-shifting, suspense and a splash of romance will have you racing through the pages. A definite must-read for those that enjoy paranormal young adult books!

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