Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eden Fantasys Halloween Costumes! *Adult Post*

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

It's almost that time of year for halloween parties! Whether you're going to an adult halloween party or you're hoping to have a one-on-one party of your own at home and need a sexy costume, Eden Fantasys has all of the toys and props you need!

Isn't this officer costume adorable? You could wear it to a party or have some fun with your special someone! It's reasonably priced too - no more than what you would pay in a retail store!

This flapper costume is also really eye-catching!Eden Fantasys has costumes for you or him! From the riske' to the fun and charming! Not just for you, but for him too! Not going to a party but staying at home and need some ideas? Eden Fantasys offers sexy games that you can't even imagine! Some are naughty and some are nice, but it's the naughty ones that I always have the most fun! ha!

You can also get some candles to set the mood, and they come in all shapes and sizes! They have edible ones, massage and aromatherapy. It will just depend on what sort of party you are having or attending. I really like the look of this one - Bwarm in Fig Leaf
Whether you are looking for sex toys, adult books, games & cds or need a unique halloween costume that you won't find in most retailers, give Eden Fantasys a try! Their customer service is wonderful and their selection is phenomenal.  I can't find half of what they offer in our local stores.  When you receive your package, it will be in a non-marked discreet box, so the neighbors won't know! Wonderful company that I highly recommend!!

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