Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Inn at Little Bend by Bobbi Groover

Grayson had no say in her childhood. Abandoned as an infant on the steps of an orphanage, she worked for her meals. Those who took her in thought she wouldn't live through the night, so they bestowed the orphanage name upon her, Grayson Ridge. When she is a little older, a couple takes her in but do not adopt her. But when the father gets a bit too personal, Grayson reacts and then runs away. She fears she has murdered him.

She changes her appearance, chopping off her hair and donning boys clothing. She calls herself River and decides to make the best of things. When a band of boys accost her, she is saved by a handsome man called Drake. Drake decides to help River and takes him to the closest doctor at the small town of Little Bend. Something about River draws Drake and he insists upon making him into a man.

Grayson does a good job of keeping up her act, until Drake takes him to a whorehouse to make him into a man. Fortunately for Grey, the woman called Aggie, sees through Grey's disguise but decides to help her. The two become close friends and Grayson begins to fall in love with Drake. But Drake is mourning his own lost love and sees River for what he is, a young boy. But when Drake is hurt, Greyson shrugs off her persona of River and takes on the persona of Ridgley Grey, a beautiful young woman. She nurses Drake in the night and he dreams of her. But when he is better, he decides to leave, without River or Ridgley.

Years pass, and Greyson is still heartbroken. She and Aggie become as close as sisters, so when Aggie falls ill, Greyson is there to help. Aggie wants to return home, her real home and she wants Greyson to come with her. Along the journey, they can search for Drake. If they can't find him, maybe Greyson can find someone else who will love her as she deserves to be loved. The journey isn't as easy as it seems, though when matters of the heart are at hand.

The Inn at Little Bend is a delightful romance with dashes of suspense, action and secrets. Greyson is a charming character who this reader came to love. Her determination to live, her yearning for someone to love her and her desire for somewhere to call home will tug at the heart. Drake is drowning in his own guilt and grief and can't seem to find the light. It will take someone special to help him find his way again. Charming, entertaining, page-turning and moving, The Inn at Little Bend was pure joy to read!

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