Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Dark and Lonely Place by Edna Buchanen

John Ashley is a Miami homicide sergeant who has an impeccable record. While at the beach with his girl, he's in the wrong place at the wrong time since a speedboat comes crashing onto the beach. Thankfully, not many are hurt, but the driver of the boat is dead and not from the collision. He's been shot in the head, and John is first on the scene of a high-profile murder.

Also on the beach is a model photo shoot, and one of the girls looks familiar to John. He believes he knows her, but he can't recall from where. As their investigation into the murder delves deeper, the model becomes a suspect. Her name is Laura and she finds John just as familiar as she finds him. They find one another irresistible and begin a passionate relationship, irregardless of the charges piling up against them.

Back in the early nineteen hundreds, John Ashley was in love with a girl named Laura. However, John was charged with murder, even though he surrendered to clear his name. This backfired and John was sentenced to hang for the crime, until his younger brother tried to break him out of jail - forfeiting his own life. With Laura by his side, John had a shoot-out with the police and spent many years on a path of crime and eluding the authorities.

John and Laura in today's time are from the same line as the pair from the past, but will they choose the same path that their ancestors did? Willthey fight for their innocence and their love, or will they run like their ancestors did?

Brimming with four remarkable characters, romance, crime and action, A DARK AND LONELY PLACE is worth reading over and over again. A suspenseful and fast paced romantic suspense, fans of Edna Buchanan will highly praise this remarkable winner! Creative writing, complex and formidable characters, bittersweet romance and a string of crimes are woven together into a breathtaking tale.

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  1. I heard my book club discuss Buchanan's book "A Dark and Lonely Place", they loved it. I listened to Edna Buchanan's interview on the radio 'The Book Report' and I was amazed at how much statistics and facts came out of that interview and how she spoke about Miami's crime. I'ts really worth a listen as she is a really wise guy about crime history.


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