Saturday, November 10, 2012

90 Day Weight Loss Challenge

I'm a big girl.  I didn't used to be, but as I've gotten older, it's harder to keep the pounds off.  On the precipice of the holiday season, it always worries me how much weight I will put on.  My health is important and I can't afford to gain any.

I've decided to take the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge and will be using HCG 1234 - Fastest Way to Lose.

This formula is made to help you lose about a pound a day without additional exercise.  Granted, you'll need to maintain a healthy diet.  Creative Bioscience offers total support, 24/7 and offers charts to assist you in your endeavors as well.  

I'm hoping to lose a few pounds, but I know it won't be overnight.  I will need to have my willpower firmly intact, especially with all of those yummy sweets over the holidays, like pie, fudge and cookies! I also enjoy the creamy, hot rich dips that my mom serves and I see at alot of our holiday parties.  But I know I can do this!!   I also know it won't work unless I put the effort in.  But I'm optimistic and the reviews on this product are excellent.  I'll let you know how I'm doing occasionally!

If you're a blogger and you'd also like to take the 90-day challenge, you can apply here

*disclosure - I am being sponsored by Creative Bioscience for a 90-day challenge.  I will update you occassionally on how the product is working for me.


  1. I have heard great things about using HCG! Erinn from 3sonshavei

  2. It’s very beneficial health-wise, from what I’ve been reading and hearing.


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