Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fracture Review & Giveaway - Holiday Gift Guide

Fracture is a unique and creative way to display your pictures! They take your favorite picture and print them directly onto glass.  You can display them on the wall or you can display them on a stand.  It's really easy to create your fracture.  You just upload the picture you want, and then you can get creative with black and white or full color, and you can either apply a border or go plain.  There are some fancy borders, but since I chose to go with a black and white photo, I went with a black border.  I simply love it!

I was worried about the shipping, but I didn't have anything to worry about.  The package came with the fracture snugly encased completely with a foam frame, then pressed between two thick pieces of corrugated cardboard and then seals completely.  The folks at fracture are so thoughtful, they even included the screw I would need to hang it! 

I also want to comment on the outstanding customer service.  After I ordered my fracture, I received an email from the company.  At the size I ordered, the picture wouldn't be the best quality and they suggested I go down a size notch!! They care about their products and their customers and that goes a long with me!! 

Fractures would make an awesome holiday gift for anyone! The stand option would be perfect for a desk or mantel.  

 $5 off any order of $50 or more use code:  MSPROMO

One lucky reader will win a 12 inch Fracture! (Shipping included)

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*Contest ends November 24, 2012

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  1. I LOVE Fracture, I am waiting on my first picture of a photo that I took over the summer. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  2. Never heard of this company or this technique but sounds fantastic! This makes a great holiday gift idea!

  3. That is really cool looking!

  4. I hadn't ever heard of this, but it sounds awesome. Thank you.


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