Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vision: Your Pathway to Victory by Gordon D'Angelo

Author your own destiny by exploring the power of vision. "Vision: Your Pathway to Victory" is an inspirational guide that takes you beyond the norm, and illuminates you to the highest level. You are inches from greatness, and this book gives you the tools jump that hurdle. You can harness boundless energy, and create the most amazing results in your life and business. Gordon D’Angelo reveals Strategic Visionary Planning, his unique sought-after program that uplifts you from your typical thinking and gives you freedom to access unlimited resources.

Follow this pathway and discover visionary steps that are exhilarating, efficient, and effective:
Author your vision as a defined intention
Create initiatives that catapult your vision into reality
Keep accountability and measure your progress with bridge numbers
Accelerate your definable intention with the energy of others Expand your opportunities by building an unstoppable connection chain
Plug into valuable sources and perpetuate the magnetism of your vision
Take your aspirations and talent to a higher level

Everything starts with vision. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a top business executive, or just getting started, "Vision: Your Pathway to Victory" will show you how unparalleled success is right around the corner. This is just the beginning.

Vision is an inspiring and motivational book.  Sometimes I just want to give up or I can't decide on a goal or what direction I want to take.  This could be with my life or just a simple project.  There are many times I just want to throw in the towel and give up.

Vision shows you how to think outside of the box and utilize different tools to achieve your goals, whether it be something small or something on a much larger scale.  The book is very easy to read in laymen s terms and I've found myself applying some of the visionary steps without even thinking about it.  It works.   You can have the future you've always wanted, and Vision will help you achieve that.  Whether it's money, spiritual or success, the steps are a great foundation.  

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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